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All the places for the next delivery have been provisionally allocated and the ‘Advanced Application Page’ has now been suspended. This will reopen sometime in October when we will begin accepting advanced applications for 2017.

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This website is for people who are interested in finding out more about Deafblind Studies,  about Programme developments or for those wishing to submit an application for the course.

Deafblind Studies is a ‘not for profit’ venture developed by a consortium of charities: Deafblind Scotland, Sense and Sense Scotland (visit the home pages of each by clicking on the organisation’s logo at the top of this page). The course is the outcome of almost twenty years of partnership working, with the most experienced practitioners in the field of deafblindness pooling knowledge and resources to produce the best materials and teaching the field can offer.  This unique programme of study is aimed at professionals involved in designing and / or delivering services to deafblind people living in the community or in residential care.  The curriculum explores congenital and acquired deafblindness in detail, is thoroughly grounded in practice and is subject to continuous improvement and refinement.  The outcome: workers at the forefront of practice, equipped to meet statutory requirements and duties in relation to deafblindness.

After a successful pilot, the online version of the course makes a wider range of learning opportunities available to a broader group of professionals who support deafblind people to lead the lives they would wish to lead. 


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Deafblind Studies is a project jointly managed by the representatives of a consortium of charities. The group of representatives is known as ‘The Board of Partners’. The consortium is not a company or legal entity in its own right. The charity registration numbers for the consortium partners are: Deafblind Scotland SC 031167; Sense 289868; Sense Scotland SC022097