Course History

This page details the history of the course from conception to the most recent events.

A photo taken in the mid nineties of some of the people involved in developing the course

2016 (July) Tranche 8 (a and b combined) continue into year two of their studies.

2016 (March) Tranche 7 complete their second year of studies

2015 (August) A second ‘live’ delivery of the Deafblind Studies programme (Tranche 8b) due to high demand following the May cohort commencing their studies

2015 (May) An online pilot of the Diploma Year (Tranche 7a and 7b combined) is launched

2015 (May) The first ‘live’ delivery of the Deafblind Studies programme (Tranche 8a) begins marking the arrival of a range of learning opportunities without the constraints imposed by the face to face delivery

2015 (March) Tranches 7a and 7b complete their first year

2014 (May) An online pilot (Tranche 7b) of the Certificate Year is launched

2014 (May) Tranche 7a begin their studies – a Certificate only year delivered in Glasgow with a range of assessed and non-assessed buy-in options

2014 (January) Award ceremony in London for Tranche six students

2013 (September) Tranche six students complete their studies

2011 (September) Tranche Six students begin their studies

2011 (September) Tranche Five students finish their studies

2010 (October) Award ceremonies in Glasgow and Birmingham for Tranche Four students

2010 (July) Trial delivery of DSI1 and Communication 1 modular taught content in Perth, Australia in partnership with Senses Foundation

2009 (September) Tranche Five students begin their studies

2009 (June) Achieve credit rating with the Open University

2009 (April and May) Award ceremonies in Glasgow and Peterborough for Tranche Three students

2009 (March) The Woodford Foundation funds two bursary places for Tranche Five

2007 (September) 30 Tranche Four students begin their studies

2007 (July and August) Award ceremonies in Glasgow and Peterborough for Tranche Two students

2007 (May) SSSC recognise qualifications on phase one and two registers for social care sector workers in Scotland

2007 (May) First Board of Examiners meets and makes recommendations to the University of Birmingham

2007 (March) The Woodford Foundation awards development grant to make course more widely available

2007 (March) The Woodford Foundation funds two bursary places for Tranche Four

2006 (July) SQA credit rate and level the course giving it academic values in Scotland

2006 (June) Board of Partners signs three year collaborative partnership agreement with the University of Birmingham

2006 (April) The first live delivery (Tranche Three) of the course begins at two centres – one in Scotland and one in England

2006 (March) Tranche Two complete their studies

2004 (December) Tranche One Award Ceremonies in Glasgow and Peterborough

2004 (August) Tranche One complete their studies

2004 (April) Tranche Two – the second pilot phase – begin their studies

2004 (April) The University of Birmingham validate the ‘Certificate’ and the ‘Diploma’ in Deafblind Studies

2003 (April) Funding grant achieved – developments gain momentum and reach critical mass

2002 (September) First Pilot – Tranche One – begins 2002 (January) Project Coordinator appointed

2002 (January) Partners meet to make ‘Deafblind Studies’ a reality

1995 (approx) The project is born