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News, October 2018: Two important programme updates

Firstly: The Board of Partners (Deafblind Scotland, Sense and Sense Scotland) are delighted to announce that Deafblind UK (a highly valued partner which supported the programme from its inception until 2013) will re-join the Board with immediate effect. At a time when all in the sector find themselves challenged, this important strengthening of the partnership underlines the importance the consortium place on ensuring that deafblind people are supported to live the lives that they would want to lead and that professionals developing provision for deafblind people can have the appropriate training to do so.

Steve Conway, the recently appointed CEO of Deafblind UK commented recently: “One of the key deliverables in Deafblind UK’s new strategy is to ensure we support the training and education of professionals as well as our own staff so that they can best support people who are Deafblind. I am delighted that we have been able to re-join the Board of Partners to support the delivery of these excellent qualifications, and I very much look forward to working with everyone involved in the programme design and delivery”.

Secondly: The expansion of the partnership is intended to ensure that the qualifications developed by the Deafblind Studies Consortium will continue to be offered to the sector: so we are doubly delighted to announce our intention to deliver the next round of training from the Autumn of 2019.

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Deafblind Studies is a ‘not for profit’ venture developed and run by a consortium of charities: Deafblind Scotland, Deafblind UK, Sense and Sense Scotland (visit the home pages of each by clicking on the organisation’s logo at the top of this page). The course is the outcome of over twenty years of partnership working, with the most experienced practitioners in the field of deafblindness pooling knowledge and resources to produce the best materials and teaching the field can offer.  This unique programme of study is aimed at professionals involved in designing and / or delivering services to deafblind people living in the community or in residential care.  The curriculum explores congenital and acquired deafblindness in detail, is thoroughly grounded in practice and is subject to continuous improvement and refinement.  The outcome: workers at the forefront of practice, equipped to meet statutory requirements and duties in relation to deafblindness.  For more about the programme select the ‘Programme Information‘ tab.

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