Online Learning Portal – Jump Off Page

Welcome to the Deafblind Studies learning portal jump off page

This page is for participants in the Deafblind Studies Learning Programme and will be

  • fully accessible to participants in the online version of the course
  • partly accessible to participants the face-to-face version of the course.

Deafblind Studies makes use of two online learning tools.  These are most easily explained by using terms associated with traditional face-to-face learning situations:

  1. The training room: for this we use a learning tool called ‘Moodle‘, a widely used, freely available, open source software designed to support learners.  The classroom is the place where you will work your way through the  learning associated with each of the components in the programme.  You will also find links to the key documents(s) for each including the core reading which accompanies each component.  In the training room you’ll have activities to undertake and you’ll have access to video material that accompanies the learning journey.
  2. The library and communications centre: for this we use some components from the ‘Google Apps for Education‘ suite freely provided by Google.  For each of the components we give you access to additional reading material that is otherwise not available.  These are stored in a Google Drive (this is like an online USB key or Pen Drive).   Overtime we may add other areas in the library, for example a discussion room.  When we do you’ll find access to the area here.  Please note: if you already have a google account you’ll have a second login to Google and will need to switch between the two depending on what you are doing.  The Course Director can help you with this if its unclear.  Please note that we might also refer to this as the ‘Online Learning Account’  or ‘Learner Account’.

Both tools are accessible on a range of devices.  PCs and Macs as well as tablets and smarthphones running Windows, IOS, or Android.

When you enrol with us you will be able to access both areas with the login information we’ll give you.

Please select here to go to the Training Room.

Please select here to go to the Library.